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A Dream in a mind can frame out a clear picture of where are actually want to see ourselves/children after a certain Period. Nothing is fully aautomatic, a hopefull dream takes some time and slowly turns into reality. If you can dream, definitely you can achieve one day. Those people who are with clear picture of their dreams take less time to turn them into reality.

Before you Start you must DREAM...

Making a choice of our goal is toughest and harest of all, if a goal is properly set that means you are half way to achieving it. Don't get driven up in any direction with external force and avoid getting attracted with fake brightness.

Before you choose you must FOCUS ON....

Before taking any action in your life, make sure that you are acting in the right direction. The Path which you have chosen ends up in your destination. Don't waste your move unneccessarily, rather take one single action. If you are taking a single step with confidence and strong belife towards your toal, then definitely you will hit it powerfully.

Before you hit, you must set a TARGET....

It given me immense pleasure in welcoming you on behalf of team amplitude. Our institute has a standing of about 4 years. It has its roots in Ahmednagar & set up i 2011. The institution trains students for presigious engineering entrance exams life IIT-JEE, SAT,BITS,NIT & VIT.

Over the years, the Amplitude system has evolved to reach and hold a unique position of pride in the education system in Maharashtra and moving soon in all over India. The system is know for providing quality education, Scientific approach and an environment conducive to new and path breaking knowledge and development in frontier areas of engineering, teachnology and Science.

Amplitude has an enviable standing as one of the best IIt-JEE Training institute in Ahmednagar(Maharashtra). The rich traditions of this institution combined with the brand equity of the IIT-JEE system have produced an institution per excellence in IIt-JEE coaching. I invite you to experience the unique enviornment at Amplitude which is a blend of tradition and mondernity and is evolving continuously.

The faculty of the Institute is encouraged to undertake new research and educational consultancy and always looks forward to a healthy and productive interaction with the students. With 4 years of histroy in producing quality results, has a rich student base that has significantly on tribute in the nation building process. The students of the institute have done exceedingly well in all spheres of life at both national and international levels and brought name and fame for thmeselves as well as to their parents. The Institute takes pride in their achievements.

I welcome the newly admitted students to the portals of this educational institution and wish tm a memorable, meaningful and rewarding tenure to emerge as top-class students, engineers, architects or scientists. I would urge upon them to prove as good human beings and worthy citizens of this great country. The senior students are welcome back to the new academic session with renewed vigour and dedication. I also welcome parents of our students, both fresher's and seniors, and every one visiting this institution to go around campus at Amplitude. I also welcome everybody to see ou inpressive taching system and student friendly environment

Founder Director
HOD. Mathematics & Physics



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