We know that every strong structure needs a strong foundation. We at Amplitude believe in this very principle that preparation for IIT-JEE starts EARLY – as earlier in VIII std.

For nurturing a young mind in this competitive era, we have developed our junior wing named as PROTOSTRS course. This course will enable the students to be strongly prepared for the fierce competition they will be facing. It includes the courseware by which every student will become fundamentally sound which is very important for IIT-JEE and other competitive examinations like NTS, Olympiads, Pre-engineering, Pre-medical, NTSE, etc.

This program is also designed to prepare students for school level so that they can shine academically.This course is designed to develop scientific temperament, mathematical aptitude, reasoning ability, logical analysis, and problem solving skills.

Courses Details:
VIII → Origins 
IX → Nebula
X → Optimus

Admission Process:

  • ATSE
  • Direct

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